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Indiana’s got its pockets full of surprises when it comes to who’s raking in the moolah. Thanks to some snooping by the folks at Venture Smarter, we’ve got a peek into which industries are treating their employees to some fat paychecks and which ones might need to do some catching up.

What are some of the highest earning industries in Indiana?

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Guess who’s leading the charge? The big shots in the management of companies and enterprises game. These high rollers are pocketing an average of over $103,000 per year! With a team of 53,367 people on their side, they’re not just winning big personally, they’re contributing a hefty $5,517,924,000 to Indiana’s payroll pot, making up around 4% of the entire state’s earnings.

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But hold onto your hats, because the utilities sector isn’t far behind. Folks dealing with stuff like electric power, water supply, and sewage removal are making it rain with an average yearly salary of $102,565. These heroes of convenience are adding a solid $1,509,967,000 to Indiana’s piggy bank making them a part of Indiana’s highest earning industry.

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Now, here comes the interesting twist – the information sector. These creative minds covering everything from publishing to broadcasting are scooping up an average annual wage of $92,004. They might not be at the tippy-top, but the 38,601 hustlers in this field are collectively hauling in a cool $3,551,457,000 each year, which still adds up to a healthy slice of the state’s financial pie.

These fields are not showering employees with riches:

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But life isn’t all glitz and glam. Despite their hard work, the accommodation and food services industry aren’t splurging when it comes to salaries. This category is not part of the highest earning industries, averaging around $19,847 per year. And our retail pals aren’t exactly getting showered with riches either, with an average of $31,843 annually.