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Libby Glass is a libertarian from the 13th district in Indianapolis. She went in to vote and noticed an opportunity to make a difference.

She went in to vote for the primary. Libby went into vote, and noticed there was only a democrat running for Indianapolis City County Council. No one stepped up to run, so she did.

She sat down with Tony Katz today to talk about her campaign.

They covered a couple of the important topics starting with public safety. Libby expressed a desire to see the community connect together. She explained why she thought it was important not only for the residents to be connected, but also for the police to be connected with the residents.

Libby also went into how she views taxes. She wants to lower taxes. She views the government as a way to support people, but not fully provide for people.

Throughout the interview you can tell that Libby is genuine. You can tell she cares about her community. She wants to make a difference immediately.

To hear the full interview with Libby Glass, click the link below.