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INDIANAPOLIS, IND — High temperatures can be dangerous for people, especially during extreme weather conditions. According to National Weather forecaster Jason Puma, the next two days will be sweltering for Hoosiers, with heat advisories in place for much of Central Indiana.


Puma advised residents to avoid strenuous outdoor activities until the weather became more relaxed. It’s essential to take it easy and stay safe during this time.


“We need to pay attention to those particularly susceptible to heat, and those would be our infants and our elderly and anybody who is without air conditioning,” he said. “As we go through the next couple of days, Thursday and Friday, you really want to take it easy and avoid spending time outside if you can.

Puma strongly recommends that people engage in low-temperature activities like gardening, yard work, or outdoor exercises to help ease stress. Staying hydrated is crucial, as dehydration can cause heat exhaustion and heat stroke.


“We will have a thunderstorm threat in Central Indiana today, the best threat for that will be the afternoon and into the evening hours as the weather system is making its way through the upper Midwest and the Great Lakes,” he added.