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A former top U.S. intelligence officer has revealed that defense officials told him UFOs have been recovered.

Details about the aircraft are set to be revealed to Congress on Wednesday.

“I’ve been told that we have recovered technology that did not originate on this Earth, by officials in the Department of Defense and by former intelligence officials,” said Christopher Mellon, the former deputy assistant secretary of defense for intelligence, to NewsNation’s Chris Cuomo Monday night.

Mellon continued on saying that UFO whistleblower Dave Grusch, a former intelligence officer, is scheduled to go before Congress and testify about the alleged spacecraft retrieval program this week.

Mellon, a man who leaked footage of three UFOs to the New York Times in 2017, continued on adding that he believes Grusch’s claims that the U.S. has found a spacecraft.

UFOs are a fascinating topic. It is natural to question whether or not we are alone in this endless universe. Grusch’s testimony could hold answers to questions people have been asking for a long time.

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