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IU Health Pill Machine

Source: IU Health / IU Health Auto Pill-Dispensing Machine

PLAINFIELD, Ind. — Getting your prescriptions to you quickly and efficiently. That’s the name of the game for IU Health’s distribution center in Plainfield.

“So, in a nutshell, what we are doing here is helping us better manage inventory,” says Buck Stanford, Chief Pharmacy Officer for IU Health.

The company recently purchased the 70,000 square foot facility in Plainfield that had been the hub for it’s medical distribution. Up until now, IU Health had been renting the building. Buying the building for a whopping 40-million-dollars means positive changes for anyone you may know who relies on quick and efficient prescription service.

“There are a lot of drug shortages right now. Any hospital on any given day is managing upwards of almost 100 drug shortages,” says Stanford. He says that’s why IU Health felt it was necessary to buy the facility – they can streamline their machines and process, offering home delivery, and supply all 16 of their hospitals, all from one central location.

Eighty-five people currently work at the facility in Plainfield, and there are plans to add more jobs as the operation grows, says Stanford.

“Being able to help keep the right inventory at the right time is certainly beneficial to all of the patients we serve,” Stanford said Thursday. The facility will also be able to create special amounts of medication for children.