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Gavel and Scales of Justice

Source: Judge gavel, scales of justice and law books in court

VALPARAISO — A jury recently awarded a Valparaiso couple 44 million dollars over injuries suffered in a 2016 accident. Cynthia Kroft, 60, suffered a spinal-cord injury after a semi-truck rear ended her vehicle at a traffic light and left her partially paralyzed.

The trucking companies involved in the accident, Viper Transportation Incorporated and PR Rentals Incorporated, both admitted negligence but denied the extent of Kroft’s injuries and damages.

This is the second jury trial involving the 2016 accident. The first verdict was also in the Krofts favor in 2021 where they were awarded 43.5 million dollars. The trucking companies challenged the initial verdict with the second result forcing them to pay an additional five-hundred-thousand dollars in damages.