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Keith Potts


INDIANAPOLIS — Keith Potts is an Indianapolis City-County Councilor and he feels he can take his experience in leadership in the Capitol City to Washington as he intends to run for U.S. Senate.

Potts, a Democrat, is planning to take his fight directly to Rep. Jim Banks who is running to move from the House to the Senate. For Potts, he believes Republicans are stepping on the personal freedoms of Americans.

“From my perspective, when we see what Republicans in Washington are doing, they are trying to limit those freedoms. Trying to limit the freedom of expression for folks,” Potts told All Indiana Politics on WISH-TV. “I’m running for U.S. Senate because, in the work that we’ve done on the Indianapolis city-county council, I’ve seen government work.”

Potts has been a part of a Democratic super-majority on the city-county council for several years.

He feels he has a good chance to turn one of Indiana’s two Senate seats blue again because of the circumstances surrounding next year’s race for Senate in Indiana.

“This is an open seat rather than challenging an incumbent,” Potts said. “It’s going to be a presidential year, and I think we are going to see some really different circumstances at play over these next 16 months.”

Potts is a supporter of abortion, saying that if elected he would push for codifying Roe v. Wade as the law of the land. He also has a plan to tackle issues with Social Security which is slated to run out of money in the next ten years.

“I think we can raise the cap on social security taxes that are levied on Americans to a higher rate,” he said. “Index that over a course of years so that folks aren’t feeling that day to day.”

Finally, Potts is supportive of stricter gun laws, especially those just passed by the council last week, even though the ordinances are unenforceable.

Potts is the first prominent Democrat to enter the Senate race. Marshall Travis and Aleem Young have also put their names on the Democratic ticket.