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STATEWIDE — You may see more speed cameras in work zones next year, as the Indiana Department of Transportation works to reduce deaths in those areas.

INDOT spokesperson Natalie Garrett tells WISH-TV that the first wave of cameras will be installed at four different work zones, and they will only monitor drivers when workers are present.

So, how does it work?

If you are driving 11 miles per hour (or more) above the posted speed limit, a camera will snap a picture of your license plate.  Then, you will get a warning in the mail for your first violation.

Hoosiers who are caught speeding more than once will have to pay fines.

These changes come after about 30 Hoosiers were killed in work zones last year, with many others injured in car crashes.  INDOT will provide an update on how well the program is working by the summer of 2028.

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