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Richard Allen mugshot

Source: Carroll County Jail / other

DELPHI, Ind. — The cause of death for two teenagers killed in Delphi in 2017 has been revealed for the first time.

Abigail Williams and Liberty German died due to “wounds caused by a sharp object,” according to a massive collection of court documents released Wednesday by Special Judge Fran Gull.

Over 100 documents date back to the October 2022 arrest of Richard Allen, accused of stabbing the girls to death in February 2017.

Evidence taken from Allen’s home include dozens of knives, a gun, ammo, and certain pieces of clothing. Electronics were also on the list included in Wednesday’s document drop.

According to the prosecution and defense, Allen has admitted to killing the girls multiple times. One document details a phone call between Allen and his wife Kathy, where Allen apparently repeated his admission over and over again until she cuts the phone call. Allen’s legal team says this apparent admission of guilt should not be considered because of Allen’s mental, physical and emotional deterioration.

According to one document, Allen has apparently refused food, refused to sleep, and has even eaten paper documents given to him by his attorneys. He’s said to have also broken electronics given to him to use for texting and calling family.

An inmate wrote a letter to the court, claiming Allen has been threatened and abused by prison staff and inmates since his arrest. Allen’s legal team used this an example as to why he should be moved out of state prison and to a county jail near Carroll County.

Richard Allen faces two charges of murder. His trial begins January 8th, 2024.