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Gay pride and the LGBTQ+ community is no longer about the people. It has become nothing but a political movement.

The White House has taken this political movement and put it front and center.

If you read the text above the photo, it mentions that the flags are in violation of the flag code. This fully demonstrates where the Biden Administration and the entire political left are. They have put their politics above America, and it is unacceptable.

The flag placement is disgusting. The gay pride flag itself is not necessarily a bad thing, but how could they put it front and center? The American Flag is supposed to always be in a position of prominence, whether that is above another flag or front and center.

A political movement flag should not be flown as a flag about America. This is a flag that symbolizes division, not unity. Whether you like the American Flag or not, it is the symbol that people know us by, and it unites us.

You will also never see any other political movement flags being flown at the White House. Imagine the response if they flew an Antifa Flag.

To hear more on how gay pride has turned into a political movement, click the link below.