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Dolly Parton is known for many things from her songwriting to her signature hair (among other things.) However, through her decades-long career she has never been known to speak about politics. That is until this week.

For years interviewers have been trying to get Miss Dolly to discuss her political stance. She has remained lip-tight on what political party she belongs to and what she does/doesn’t support. As she is getting into her ‘rock-n-roll’ era, maybe things are changing?

Dolly is promoting her new rock inspired album “Rockstar.” The first single off the album called “World on Fire” is nothing short of subtle, calling out greedy politicians.

“Don’t get me started on politics

Now how are we to live in a world like this?

Greedy politicians, present and past

They wouldn’t know the truth if it bit ’em in the ass

(What you gonna do?) Now tell me, what is truth?

(What you gonna do?) Have we all lost sight

(What you gonna do?) Of common decency?

(What you gonna do?) Of wrong and right?

How do we heal this great divide?”

Jacob Soboroff asked her during a sit-down interview with The Today Show who Parton was specifically talking about – and her answer was VERY Dolly.

“All of them. Any of them. I don’t think any of them are trying hard enough. I’m sure they are trying, but I just really think they often really worry more about the party then they do about the people.”

And there you have it, a political statement almost any American can stand behind. Of course, Dolly Parton is the one to bring us all together!

Nigel and guest co-host Guy Relford talk about her message and preview the song: