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In a shocking move, the biggest personality on Fox was let go on Monday. Tucker Carlson is now jobless with endless opportunities.

Nothing concrete has come out about why Carlson was let go by Fox. There has been a ton of speculation though.

Carlson’s departure came quickly after Fox’s settlement with Dominion Voting Machines that costed them $787 million. Abby Grossberg, who used to work on Carlson’s show, is currently suing Fox. Both of these suits could have something to do with his firing.

We are still waiting for more to come out on why he was let go by Fox.

The interesting part of this story is what is going to happen next. Media has changed a lot since November of 2016, which was when “Tucker Carlson Tonight” debuted.

Having a presence on television is not the only way to get content out to people. Carlson understands this. That is why he founded the “Daily Caller.”

Carlson could easily create a Substack or website to release content on. He could charge subscribers five dollars a month and make a killing.

He was the host of the most popular nightly news show on television. People will pay the five dollars.

He does not need Fox. We will find out shortly whether or not Fox needs Carlson.

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