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Mike Braun

Source: PHOTO: Al Drago/Bloomberg via Getty Images

WASHINGTON — More older workers are choosing to re-enter the workforce, according to Indiana Sen. Mike Braun.

Whether that’s a good thing or a bad thing depends on who you talk to, but Braun said regardless of the reasons behind that trend he wants to make sure that Congress is doing what it can to help older workers succeed.

“Many elderly may want to do something that’s got great flexibility,” Braun said. “That takes me to being an independent contractor or participating in the gig economy.”

Braun told the Senate Aging Committee on Thursday that if older workers want to go that route with their lives, then they should be as free and open to do so without the government over-regulating it. Braun refers to unions.

“I’m one that believes there is such an important place for unions,” he said. “Especially when you are going up against the power of large corporations. But, I don’t want unions trying to get involved in stuff where you are an independent contractor, the gig economy.”

Braun added that unions should not be involved in “main street small business” in general.

Democratic lawmakers in the past have pushed legislation in recent years to try and require certain workers within the gig economy to join a union. Such legislation has not gained enough steam in Congress to get any meaningful movement.

The discussion over unions in the gig economy has increased in recent years, however, especially with talks over Prop 22 in California which was a legal dispute between whether or not ride-share drivers with companies like Lyft or Uber, are “employees” or “independent contractors.”