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U.S. President Joe Biden Delivers Remarks In Monterey Park On Efforts To Reduce Gun Violence

President Biden recently visited Monterey Park, the suburban Los Angeles community where a gunman stormed a dance hall and killed 11 people in January.

During his speech, he announced fresh federal measures to curb gun violence but declared there is more to be done.

“I’m determined to ban assault weapons and high-capacity magazines,” Biden told the families of some of the victims who were in the audience for his remarks, along with the 26-year-old who wrestled the semiautomatic pistol away from the gunman.

Biden also told the crowd he’d signed an executive order aimed at stiffening background checks to buy guns, promoting more secure firearms storage and ensuring law enforcement agencies get more out of a bipartisan gun control law enacted last summer. But he has only limited power to go beyond that legislation that was passed after the killings of 10 shoppers at a Buffalo, New York grocery store and 19 students and 2 teachers at an elementary school in Uvalde, Texas.