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A judge's gavel and law books are seen in a courtroom.

INDIANAPOLIS–A bill that would ban gender transitioning procedures and treatment for minors was approved by the Heath and Provider Services Committee on Wednesday.

The committee approved the bill at the Indiana Statehouse by a vote of 8-3. Opponents of it protested outside the chamber.

One amendment to the bill does clarify that counseling and mental health services will still be available and not be banned as part of the bill. It would, however, prohibit access to any sort of gender-affirming medical or surgical treatment for transgender kids, including puberty blockers, hormone therapy or gender-affirming surgery for anyone under 18 years old.

Critics of the bill say it interferes with parents’ rights, unnecessarily involves the government into people’s private lives, and is targeting a marginalized group for political reasons. They also say that gender transitioning care is life-saving care.

Those who support the bill say it protects minors from going through surgeries or treatments that could put their lives in danger.

The bill goes to the Senate floor for a full vote.