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STATE WIDE--Lt. Gov. Suzanne Crouch says she will run for governor. The soft-spoken Republcan has been second in command for Gov. Eric Holcomb for both of his terms. Crouched premiered an ad on a new website Monday morning, announcing her intentions.

In the ad, Crouch promises that in her administration parents will be in charge of what their kids learn in school, she promises funding and support for police and that she’ll fight open border policies.

“I’m gonna show Biden what playing hardball with people who kill Hoosiers looks like,” she said in the ad, talking about fentanyl coming into the state.

Crouch has a Republican opponent in Sen. Mike Braun, who announced his intention to seek the job at the beginning of the month.

Gov. Holcomb is not allowed to run again because of term limits. There has been talk of several other people running on the Republican side, including state Atty. Gen. Todd Rokita.

On the Democratic side, Hammond Mayor Tom McDermott, who unsuccessfully ran for Senate against Sen. Todd Young this year, has been mentioned as a possible candidate.

Crouch has served as state auditor and is a Purdue grad.