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Pete Rose paid a visit to Philadelphia last weekend as part of the celebration of the Phillies’ 1980 World Series team.

It was a big event – especially since Rose isn’t usually near the ballpark due to his lifetime ban from baseball.

Things were going well. Rose enjoyed some coffee with his teammates. The crowd welcomed him warmly. NBC’s play-by-play announcers even invited Rose into the booth for the broadcast of the Washington Nationals–Philadelphia Phillies game. Everything was going great! And then it wasn’t…

Rose saddled up to the ole’ mic, started telling stories, and then started dropping expletives.

Selection 1: In which Rose talks about the time he caught a foul ball that Bob Boone dropped during Game 6. Rose notes how slow Boone ran and having to “watch out for the horse****” that was on the field. He even drops an ever-satisfying son-of-a-b**** before asking if the broadcast is an “X-rated show.”

Selection 2: In which  Rose recounts his time with the Cincinnati Reds. This highlight features the poetic phrase “c***-high fastball.”

We’re thinking there was more than just coffee in Pete’s java cup. On the other hand, it might just be Pete.