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Self-serving celebrity apologies have never looked so good!

Will Smith has finally broken his silence about the Oscars slap controversy (again) and offered a sincere and heartfelt (cough) apology for his behavior (again).

Will’s sorry. He’s sorry to Chris Rock. He’s sorry to Chris Rock’s mom. He’s sorry to YOU.

But most of all, Will’s sorry he’s married to a woman who completely emasculates him on a regular basis…

But that’s another matter.

The bottom line is that Will Smith is sorry for smacking Chris Rock. He’s SO sorry, in fact, that he spent a damn fortune putting an apology video together. We’re talking multiple cameras, lighting, editing, and graphics. It was probably a union shoot too!

Check this thing out! They didn’t spend this much money on “Hancock.”

In other news, Will Smith will have more apologies to dish out in the very near future. For more details, see The Karate Kid 2 now in pre-production.”

Hammer and Nigel break down Will Smith’s apology in today’s edition of “Is This Anything?”