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WASHINGTON — It’s a bill with two significant goals: take the top technology production spot from China, and invest in the American Heartland.

Indiana Senator Todd Young’s China competitiveness bill has always been a national security bill, according to Senator Young. He tells CNBC’s Squawk Box that it’s important that the United States establish itself as a technological production powerhouse and become independent.

“You know, we source all of our high-end computer chips mostly from Taiwan, some from South Korea,” Senator Young tells CNBC, “we just can’t be that dependent on a country so far away from the continental United States for our missile system chips, for the components that go into our radars and aircraft.”

Young would like to have more chip production plants spread across the American Heartland and Midwest, including Indiana. He says rank-and-file Americans across the country would be excited for those job opportunities. He says it would further improve the United States’ national security.

The Senate voted 64-32 Tuesday to advance the legislation, setting up a vote on final passage Wednesday.