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There is no more gifted orator in the United States of America than Vice President and Border Czar Kamala Harris. When Harris speaks, Americans listen intently… and involuntarily do a lot of this:

The Supreme Court’s reversal of Roe V. Wade was the latest opportunity for the VP to bless the country with her prolific thoughts. Harris, courageously striving to speak in complete and semi-coherent sentences, did not disappoint as she shared what the abortion decision means for… BOYS.

“If you are a parent of sons, do think about what this means for the life of your son and what that will mean in terms of the choices he will have,” Harris opined.

Ah, yes. No more using women for consequence-free sex, fellas. No more “pump and dump!: This ruling could mean you actually have to man up and take responsibility for your choices.

Kammie also shared her insight on the brutal inflation crisis in the U.S.

“Inflation is really high. Are you concerned about a recession?” asked CNN anchor Dana Bash.

“I think that there can be no higher priority than what we have been clear is our highest priority,” Harris awkwardly replied, “which is bringing down the costs and the prices as much as we possibly can, and we will stay focused on that.”

Hammer and Nigel have more gems from Kamala Harris’ public speaking highlight reel in the clip below.

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