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Celebrity tampon user and Tampax spokesperson Amy Schumer is getting blamed for a nationwide shortage of feminine supplies.

The Schumer Tampon Shortage Connection:

The 41-year-old actress starred in a series of Tampax commercials in 2020. As a result, tampons became so hip and trendy that demand outpaced supply.

“Retail sales growth has exploded,” since the Schumer campaign aired, Tampax maker Proctor & Gamble told Time. A spokesperson says “demand is up 7.7%” over the last two years and they are working 24/7 at the tampon factory to keep up.

This really adds to the “super sexy” factor in Schumer’s celebrity, no?

The Hole In The “Schumer’s To Blame Theory” Is This:

Schumer only represents one brand, and the shelves are bare whether you buy Kotex, Tampax, or a generic box.

MSN says a supply-chain issue is the most likely culprit.

The Inevitable Conclusion: 

This is the REAL culprit behind the tampon shortage…

Thanks a lot, Pete Buttigieg!

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