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Indiana is set to continue its proud tradition of branding itself with terrible marketing slogans!

The all-new positioning statement for the Hoosier state?

“IN Indiana.”

You see, the abbreviation for our state is “IN,” but “in” is a wildly popular preposition that enthusiastic proponents of the word utilize to express the situation of something that is or appears to be enclosed or surrounded by something. Therefore, by leveraging the striking good fortune that this handy two-letter word also happens to mean “Indiana” when both letters in the word are capitalized, we are able to utilize it for the purposes of attracting more tourists to our great state.

“IN Indiana” will replace the state’s previous branding slogan, “Honest to Goodness Indiana,” which also happened to be absolutely terrible, but not quite as bad as the mercifully rejected “Seasoned Just Right” and “Savor the Unexpected.”