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Do you spend your days toiling away at a job you absolutely hate? Are you stuck in a cubicle for eight hours a day making just enough money to almost cover your rent? Is life so excruciatingly miserable that you’ve stopped wearing your seatbelt?

Well, perk up, friend. Your life might be a pointless existence. And statistically speaking, that’s unlikely to change. Most people who try to “make changes” and “turn it all around” give up on their efforts within the first 30 days. But know this: there are people in this world making $500K per year to sit on a beach all day and live the life you can only dream about.

According to a report from a nonprofit watchdog website called Open The Books, multiple lifeguards in Los Angeles earned more than six figures in 2021. The highest-paid earner, a “lifeguard captain,” made a total of $510,283.

Another “high-ranking” lifeguard earned a total of $463,517 in 2021.

Helpful And Rage-Inducing Reminder: Los Angeles’ beaches were closed for a good portion of 2021 due to the pandemic.

Rubbing Saltwater In Your Wound: More than 90 other lifeguards earned more than $200,000 and 20 of them took home over $300,000 according to the report, titled “Baywatch on pay watch.”

And A Little Something For The Ladies: Of the top 20 earners, only two were women.

Facts To Contemplate While Fastening Your Noose: Lifeguards in Los Angeles can retire at 55 with 79% of their pay, according to KTTV-TV.

See, friend? There’s hope for you yet! Yes, you can turn it all around (even though you probably won’t).

Need help getting started? Just follow our simple step-by-step plan.

How To Get Rich, Spend rich, Spend Your Days On the Beach, And Retire Early:

  1. Quit your job, uproot your family, and relocate to Los Angeles.
  2. Become a lifeguard.

Please Note: Viable applicants for lifeguard positions MUST know how to swim.