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You’ll never believe it, but this story comes out of Florida.

A five-year-old student brutally attacked his teacher and put her in the hospital on a ventilator. 

Pembroke Pines Police Department in Florida say a 4-year-old student and a 5-year-old student became engaged in an altercation. The two students began throwing items around the classroom and even flipping chairs.

That’s when the teacher attempted to remove the 5-year-old student from the classroom.

After the 5-year-old was removed, he began striking the teacher with his hands and fists. The child also jumped on the teacher with all of his weight.

The teacher was unable to respond following the attack, prompting emergency personnel to call for an ambulance.

The teacher was hospitalized for her injuries.

According to the report, this is the third time this teacher has had to leave the school in an ambulance because of the same student.  

Further evidence that it’s time to reexamine society’s philosophy about spanking unruly children before they grow up to become career criminals.

Do you know who got spanked growing up? The Jackson kids. They turned out fine…

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