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When it comes to COVID, CDC Director Rochelle Wallensky says she gets her data from the most trustworthy names in science: CNN.

Walensky: “When the CNN feed came that it was 95% effective, the vaccine, so many of us wanted it to be helpful, so many of us wanted to say, ‘Ok this is our ticket out.’”

Let that sink in the head. The CDC – a major player in advising the President to issue an Executive Order that effectively put you out of work if you didn’t take the vaccine – was getting her information from CNN.

This is why you should question everything the government tells you. This is why you should force them to fight for every single inch of what government does.

After nearly two years of people being out of work, dependent upon the government, and losing businesses that will never come back, the Director of the CDC is admitting that they intentionally overpromised on the effectiveness of the vaccine and the was getting her information from CNN.

Is there some nominal value to getting the vaccine? Yes. It provided a layer of protection for people with certain comorbidities and the elderly. But the government doesn’t get to make a choice that they’re going to put someone out of work because that person does want that nominal level of protection.