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WWT World Champion MEGA MONDO learned a hard lesson Sunday night: WIBC superstar and “All Indiana Bets” co-host Jason Hammer is in no one’s corner but his own.

MEGA MONDO took on WWT Continental Champion Xzandyr Devil in a title vs. title match broadcast live Sunday on the “Wrestle With This” channel.

Hammer, making his WWT debut, talked a big game as MEGA MONDO’s manager.

“This is my boy! This is the champ!” Hammer said of his star client in a pre-match interview. “I got this guy’s back!”

Oh, yeah… Hammer had MEGA MONDO’s back alright…

Click the video below to see how Sunday’s WWT championship bout played out.

Jason Hammer is a disgrace to wrestling, a disgrace to wrestling, and a disgrace to this humanity. His disloyalty not only brought shame upon himself but upon his hometown of Beech Grove, Indiana.

If you see Hammer at the Beech Grove Walmart, you know what to do.