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Driving an automobile is a lot of fun, but it is also a privilege, and we must never forget that.

Oh sure, all drivers enjoy the harmless fun of frequently running stop signs, the thrill of traveling through school zones at a high rate of speed, and the challenge of cutting through backyards at night while avoiding kids in tents.

But such fun must be enjoyed in a responsible manner. Accidents can and do happen on occasion. That’s why you should always wear your seatbelt to reduce your odds of getting injured behind the wheel.

With rare exception, according to the United Safety Council, wearing a seatbelt increases your odds of surviving a collision with a security gate, a stray dog, or an especially obstinate protestor by as much as 50%!

What is that exception? Crashing your car into a river “Chappaquiddick Style.”

Poor Mary Jo Kopechne. If only Ted Kennedy had remained conscious and survived the accident. Maybe he would have been able to pull her to safety. I guess we’ll never know.

Here’s the thing: If you DO happen to crash into a large body of water, and you survive the impact, and you manage to free yourself the interior of the vehicle, be a lamb and don’t act like a dumbass by taking selfies on the roof of your sinking car while awaiting rescue workers.

Meet the pride of Canada:

The unnamed woman in the above photo was enjoying a leisurely high-speed cruise across the frozen Rideau River in Ottawa last week when her car broke through the ice and rapidly began to sink.

Climbing to the roof of her car and realizing she was in imminent danger, this fully-licensed and insured driver decided the most responsible action to take was to grab her smartphone and start snapping selfies.

Sadly, some meddling onlookers got involved and called emergency responders to rescue the woman.

This kind of careless behavior is why Canadians don’t deserve free health care. Look at her! She’s not even wearing a mask.

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