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Long-time “Today” host Katie Couric is making the rounds to promote her latest narcissistic endeavor, “Going There” an autobiography. It sells for $18.99 on Amazon, but if you want one with an autograph, it’s another $10.

That’s right. The going rate for a Katie Couric autograph is $10. By comparison, sexual predator Matt Lauer’s signature will cost you $35-$60.

Couric’s book is full of all kinds of “stunning revelations” that you can read about here for free. Even better, we’ve saved you from having to endure the boring crap about her upbringing that 80% of biography buyers skip past anyway.

Revelations from “Going There,” written by Matt Lauer’s former co-host:

  • In 2016, edited out Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s harshest comments about athletes kneeling during the national anthem.
  • She didn’t trust her fellow female journalists but claims she didn’t intentionally harm their careers.
  • She no longer has contact with Matt Lauer. No phone calls. No emails. They don’t even get together to play Bridge.
  • When Couric met Prince Harry at a polo match in Brazil, he smelled bad.
  • Larry King was “a creep” who tried to slip her the tongue.
  • Her ex-beau, Werner, was “a textbook narcissist.” (Sounds like a perfect match. I wonder what went wrong?)
  • She struggled with bulimia because she wanted to be “thin and lanky.”
  • Couric wrote her scandalous book to make her late husband “come alive” for the kids.

That last one sounds lovely until you realize that once again, master manipulator Katie Couric is just providing for what amounts to a $20 collection of backstabbing, gossip, and self-indulgent “confessions” to alleviate her guilt for a career of political malpractice in journalism.

Here’s the New York Post’s review of Couric’s book:

Going There,” Couric’s tell-all memoir, has gotten some people complaining that the 64-year-old TV presenter and producer went full scorched earth, leaving no colleague, lover or famous friend un-torched. She mocks and puts down everyone — from celebs like Martha Stewart and Prince Harry to industry colleagues like Deborah Norville and the late Larry King. Even her exes, like TV producer Tom Werner, don’t escape unscathed.

What a heartwarming collection of family memories for the kids, Kate.

“Children, I want you to remember and honor your father, so I’m going to write a scandalous and mean-spirited book about myself.” – Katie Couric, professional narcissist.

Do you know what brings a deceased father to life for his kids, Katie? Pictures, personal stories, and memories about dad that are shared directly and privately with the children – not a multi-million dollar deal to turn the notes from your therapy sessions into a book for public consumption.

There. We just saved you $20. You’re welcome.

One thing that didn’t make Couric’s memoir was the story about her manipulating a feature on gun rights and Second Amendment sanctuaries. Guy Relford shared the details about that debacle on today’s edition of the Hammer and Nigel Show.