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Beloved media personality Nigel of the Hammer and Nigel radio program returned to the airwaves Monday.

Sir Nigel had been spending the last week in Florida drinking Pina Coladas, frolicking about in his speedo, and peeing in the resort’s pool.

Yes, old Nige had joy. He had fun. He had seasons in the sun.

Sadly, the distinguished gentleman from WIBC was only allotted one week of vacation and therefore, he was forced to return to our fair city via the wondrous magic of airplane travel.

Nige and the family were fortunate to locate an airline that is still in operation despite the Biden vaccine mandates. This allowed our good hero the opportunity to visit with the brave and courageous men and women of the TSA.

Nige and the TSA chatted about many things:

  • The state of the airline industry
  • Spoilers for the upcoming season of “Better Call Saul.”
  • And, of course, “Do the people who x-ray your junk laugh whenever a guy with a small weiner passes through?” (Yes)

All was going well and it was a pleasant exchange… Until some TSA bigshot announced that he needed to search Nigel’s daughter. That’s when Nigel took action – action that may or may not have resulted in a full rectal exam.

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