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His Excellency, the grand guru of science, Sir Flip-Flopping Fauci has had yet another change of heart on booster recommendations.

The FDA’s Vaccines and Related Biological Products Advisory Committee voted against approving boosters for all Americans aged 16 and over on Friday. The panel instead approved the booster only for Americans aged 65 and older as well as those at risk of serious illness from the virus.

Please Note: The FDA’s recommendation was entirely non-political and made in the interest of public health. Calls from ‘the woke’ to administer first doses of the jab to willing and unwilling recipients in “developing nations,” aka “third-world dumps,” had nothing to do with their decision. Also, just kidding.

Sunday, September 20th, in the two-thousand-twenty-first year of our Lord:

White House chief medical adviser and head health oppressor of America, “the Fauch,” told Handsome Jake Tapper of CNN Sunday it isn’t a “mistake” for the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to limit booster recommendations.

But hark! What complete change of heart on boosters from thou no longer credible one’s mouth dribbles out!

On Wednesday, September 16th, China’s MVP said the exact OPPOSITE of that in an article for the L.A. Times.

The Fauch: “If they say, ‘We don’t think there’s enough data to do a booster,’ then so be it. I think that would be a mistake, to be honest with you.” (L.A. Times)

We now return to the events of Sunday, September 20th, on CNN.

During the good doctor’s appearance, Handsome Jake Tapper highlighted the Fauchster’s recent comments in the L.A. Times, noting he said it “would be a mistake” and wondering if now he was saying he doesn’t “think it was a mistake.”

The Bideneseque response as reported by witnesses to the CNN trainwreck:

“No, I mean, I – you know, what I was saying that mistake, my own personal looking at this, again, just because I look at the data and say I would do it this way, that’s the reason why we have qualified groups of people who together as a committee examine all the data and make a decision,” Fauci stammered.

“So I have no problem at all with their decision. The thing that I’m saying is that data will continue to come in and I believe you’re going to see an evolution of this process as we go on in the next several weeks to months.”

Final Verdict: Fauci is full of crap.

Thank you for your attention. Now enjoy exhilarating commentary from Rob Kendall and some other guy.