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INDIANAPOLIS — The Best Four Days in Gaming have returned to Indianapolis.

Gen Con Indy is the largest and longest-running tabletop gaming convention in North America. Every year, gaming enthusiasts gather in Indianapolis to share their love for all things gaming, whether it be through tournaments, workshops, art shows, or countless other activities.

The attendees, however, believe it’s about more than just gaming.

“You get to meet really cool people in the process, and make new friends,” said Kevin, who came in from Michigan. “That’s kind of what it’s all about. Obviously, the board games are fun, but it’s about that sense of community.”

Kevin, alongside his friends Jacob and Robert, have been attending Gen Con every year for the past two years (save for 2020). At this point, Kevin says it’s a “tradition” — not to mention Indianapolis has always been more than welcoming.

“Indy is nice. It’s got a nice atmosphere, and obviously I love coming here,” said Jacob, also from Michigan. “Everybody is super cool.”

Meanwhile Betty, who came in from Kentucky, says her favorite part about Indy is the food trucks.

This year, the convention will be operating on a hybrid model, with both in-person and virtual events. Last year, all in-person events for Gen Con were canceled due to the pandemic. Gen Con runs from Thursday to Sunday, at the Indiana Convention Center. Masks are required.