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On Tuesday, the Taliban made a pledge to honor women’s rights in Afghanistan within the boundaries of “Sharia law.”

Of course, women have no rights under Sharia Law, and the day after the Taliban made its pledge, fighters from the group shot and killed a woman in Takhar province after she went out in public without a burqa.

Meanwhile, militants are going door-to-door looking for people who helped the U.S. and have set up checkpoints throughout Kabul where civilians attempting to flee the country are being beaten, according to an Afghan and former State Department contractor who spoke with Fox News.

“There was kids, women, babies, old women, they could barely walk,” he told Fox News. “They [are in a] very, very bad situation, I’m telling you. At the end, I was thinking that there was like 10,000 or more than 10,000 people, and they’re running into the airport … The Taliban [were] beating people and the people were jumping from the fence, the concertina wire, and also the wall.”

And what is the Biden Administration doing to help stranded Americans who are trying to escape? According to Administration spokesman John Kirby, the Administration has no plans to help them get to the airport to be evacuated.

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki also refused to commit to rescuing Americans in Afghanistan past the end of the month.

You own this, Biden voters – ALL OF IT.