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And yet again, it was another violent weekend in the city of Indianapolis, with at least 17 people shot and one person from Friday night through Sunday.

A total of seven were killed as a result of the violence.

The city made national news for the shooting of a four-year-old girl, a 16-year-old girl, and three adult males outside a funeral home on the near northwest side Saturday. All four victims are in stable condition.

The location of the shooting is just two blocks away from Barnes United Methodist Church, where Rev. Charles Harrison serves as pastor.

“Heart was just broken by this. This is just senseless,” Harrison told WIBC newsgathering partner WISH-TV on Saturday. “There’s no place now that seems to be off-limits.”

“You cannot even have a funeral without there being violence at a funeral,” Harrison added.

Indianapolis is still outpacing the city of Chicago in homicides per capita by nearly 4%.

WIBC’s Jason Hammer and Rob Kendall have more in the clip below.