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**Update** From the National Weather Service:

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NORTHERN INDIANA–Storms blew into northern Indiana late Sunday night into early Monday morning.

“We had about two to three rounds of thunderstorms depending on which location in northern Indiana you were in,” said Kyle Brown, meteorologist with the National Weather Service in Northern Indiana. “The first round produced mainly damaging wind gusts and some hail. But then as the cold front approached during the morning hours, we did receive some reports of a possible tornado. So this morning, our office is working closely with emergency managers to take note of what they are seeing on the ground.”

Brown believes it is likely that there was a tornado, but there are steps the National Weather Service still needs to go through to confirm that.

“Some of those tornado warnings did have a spotter confirm a tornado, but we still need to get our boots on the ground to put those pieces together,” said Brown.

Several people have been reported to be injured in storms that hit Naperville, Illinois on Sunday night. That’s just outside Chicago. About a dozen homes were damaged.

There are a few areas of the state expected to get some rain Monday, but it is not expected to be anything like the severe weather from this past weekend.

“When you start getting down to like Scott, Washington, or Orange County, those areas could see a severe thunderstorm this afternoon. But even then, chances there are just marginal,” said Mike Koch, meteorologist with the National Weather Service in Indianapolis. “The worst-case scenario is maybe a brief, heavy shower over areas that had all the flooding, but it doesn’t appear that things will be too bad today.”

Koch said places like Owen, Clay, and Monroe counties had at least 7 inches of rain in some spots. Temperatures are expected to cool down all across the state for the next couple of days.

“By tomorrow afternoon, we’re looking at high temperatures in the low to mid-70s. Now those are temperatures that you normally see in the middle of May or late September. It won’t be nearly as humid,” said Koch.

Rain and storm chances return later this week.

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