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TELL CITY, Ind. — Over the last few months many Hoosiers in Orange, Crawford, and Perry Counties have been dealing with having catalytic converters stolen from their cars.

A catalytic converter is a part of your car’s exhaust system that helps keep the sound of your engine quiet. You may notice that your catalytic converter might have been stolen when you turn your car on and it sounds really loud.

They are a hot ticket item for thieves.

“Some of these catalytic converters that they are taking they can sell for up $200 or more,” said Indiana State Police Sgt. Dave Henderson. “And then it costs about a thousand dollars to get it replaced.”

Reports of stolen catalytic converters have been increasing dramatically in the trio of counties at car dealerships, cars parked on the side of the road, and other places.

Henderson said in the last month several agencies, including local sheriff’s departments and the Indiana Dept. of Natural Resources, have gotten together and compared notes about seven arrests made among them of catalytic converter thieves.

They came to the conclusion that this group of thieves was working together. He says they expect to make more arrests. Until that happens, Henderson says you can take some steps to keep your catalytic converter from being stolen.

“If people park in a well-lit area, somewhere you can see your vehicle,” Henderson said. “Also, know what’s going on around your area.”

State police are not releasing the names of the arrested thieves yet as it is still an ongoing investigation.