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The attacks in Israel continue, and while there is a push from the Biden administration for a ‘ceasefire,’ that does not stop Hamas from continuing its strikes, nor does it stop the Israeli Defense Forces from taking action to protect the people.

“Over the last 11 days, Hamas has fired rockets indiscriminately at all Israeli citizens,” the Israel Defense Forces said in a tweet Thursday. “In response, we have been precisely targeting the source of terrorism in Gaza – and we will continue to do so.”

That source, of course, is Hamas, a terrorist organization sponsored by Iran.

Sadly, there are far too many American politicians who either fail or refuse to grasp the truth of the attacks in Israel.

Major Doron Spielman is an Israel Defense Forces spokesman to the foreign press. He joined “Tony Katz Today” from Israel Thursday to provide insight on the latest developments in the Israel-Hamas Conflict.

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