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INDIANAPOLIS — A jury has declared an Indianapolis woman guilty for her role in a 2019 murder.

On Thursday, Katrina Griffith was convicted of Felony Murder, Robbery Resulting in Serious Bodily Injury and Burglary — all felonies.

In October 2019, police were called to a home on Edgemont Avenue, where they found Michael Zdenek, 52, with several gunshot wounds.

At the time, Griffith claimed to be a witness, and was the person who called 911.

Initially, Griffith told police she knocked on Zdenek’s door and asked him to look at her friend’s car to repair it. When Zdenek exited his house, someone with a mask came up to him with a handgun and demanded to be let into his house.

When Zdenek refused, the masked robber shot him multiple times in the head and chest.

During the investigation, Griffith’s story kept changing. Eventually, it became clear to police that Griffith knew the person in the mask, and was directly involved in luring Zdenek out of his home.

In addition, police discovered that Griffith did not call 911 until 40 minutes after Zdenek was shot.

A sentencing hearing has been set for May 19.