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President Biden is no biter, but he is a sniffer, according to the women who have suffered the indignity of Joe smelling their hair.

Biden’s dog, however, loves the full-bodied flavor of human flesh.

“Major,” a German Shepherd who would give us the straight scoop on Biden’s cognitive decline if granted the opportunity to speak with a reputable pet psychic, sank his teeth into another White House employee on Monday.

The incident prompted personal injury lawyer Davis Cooper to warn the Bidens against allowing “Major” around “people,” which tends to severely hamper a doggy’s career prospects due to the imposed limitations on social networking.

“My legal recommendation to them would be to keep that dog completely isolated or away from anyone because he’s a known danger,” said Cooper, chairman of D.C.-based Cooper Law Partners. “I believe it’s their duty to protect people from their dog.”

“Major,” meanwhile, has a similar recommendation about the President – a recommendation with which we fully conquer. It’s probably a prudent idea to keep Biden away from the nuclear codes as well.

In the interest of keeping everyone safe, we’d suggest keeping “Major,” Joe, and his full-time care nurse, Kamala Harris, away from the border kids as well, but the White House seems to have that policy pretty well locked up already.

Mock n’ Rob have more on the Biden’s latest biting incident in the clip below.