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President Joe Biden has made quite a show of taking political trips in recent weeks, and good for him! It’s kind of a big deal for the following reasons:

  1. It underscores that pandemic or no, government officials can go wherever the heck they like whenever the heck they want.
  2. It demonstrates that Biden is capable of maintaining a state of consciousness for greater than thirty minutes at a time.
  3. It displays courage. How so? When the crisis created by the Biden administration at the southern border reaches an explosive level, our President is willing to courageously hop aboard Air Force One to get as for away from that crisis as possible. No fear of flying in a Biden administration! NOT A HINT!

Of course, that does create the occasional challenge for President Biden’s press secretary, Jen Psaki.

Psaki was confronted Tuesday with why our President is avoiding traveling to the southern border to assess the problem he’s created.


The Biden administration is also being forced to pivot on their narrative for who’s to blame for the border crisis. First, it was Biden’s compassion. Now, it’s Trump’s fault again. Tomorrow? Who knows!

That’s the exciting part about a Biden administration: you never know what bumbling thing they’ll do next! And like any good reality show that will ultimately determine the balance of power in the world and America’s fate, you can’t look away from the madness! Good times.

Mock n’ Rob discussed the changing narrative from the White House on today’s show. Click below to listen!