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Approximately 3,400 unaccompanied migrant children were in Customs and Border Protection custody as of Tuesday. The number of migrant children entering the country is considered by many to be a ‘crisis.’

The border wall was a focal point for the Trump administration, but when Biden took office he issued an executive order to halt all border wall construction until further review. Due to the pause on construction, thousands of people, mostly children,  have been caught crossing into the US illegally. The number of migrants has started to quickly outpace the shelters overseen by the Department of Health and Human Services.

When asked about the southern border, press secretary Jen Psaki blamed Trump’s ‘morality problem.’ Tony Katz says this is where the problem is.

“This is about people like Jen Psaki and really the administration… failing to recognize that the reality hasn’t changed.”

Katz adds that Trump didn’t have a morality problem instead he dealt with the border issue honestly and logically. It’s clearly more important to the Biden administration to defy Trump’s plan than it is to recognize their own faults in the growing issue.

“It’s this failure to recognize that their policies have led to a border issue. The policy of ‘we’re going to do everything opposite of Donald Trump because Donald Trump was bad…’ Except they CAN’T do everything different, the only thing different they’re doing is inviting more problems.

Dealing with reality is hard, but so is controlling overflowing facilities.