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After wrapping up a COVID-19 vaccine event in Houston, Texas this doctor did the unthinkable. He utilized 10 expiring vaccines by giving them to people who were eligible. We’ll let you pause for a gasp.

Dr. Hasan Gokal oversaw a vaccine event in late December. As the event came to an end, there were 10 remaining doses in an opened vial. Once a vial seal is punctured the vaccine is only viable for six hours. Gokal decided not to waste the remaining (rare, possibly lifesaving) doses.

The co-workers in the area had already had the option of being vaccinated, so Gokal went to the community to find some Texans in need. He even called his county public health official in charge to report his plans to find 10 people to receive the remaining doses. He was given the ‘okay.’

Here’s the list of those who received a dose from strangers and acquaintances to his wife:

  1. A woman in her mid-60s with cardiac issues
  2. A woman in her early 70s with assorted health problems
  3. A housebound woman in her late 70s
  4. A woman in her mid-50s who works at a health clinic’s front desk
  5. A woman in her 40s, whose child uses a ventilator
  6. A man in his late 60s with health issues
  7. That man’s bed-bound 90 year-old mother
  8. The mother’s caregiver
  9. Plus, the man’s mother-in-law, in her mid-80s who suffers with severe dementia


10. Gokal gave the shot to his wife- who has pulmonary sarcoidosis.

He filled out the correct paperwork for each person the next day as well as informing collages and supervisor.

A few days later his supervisor fired Gokal because he had administered those doses outside the scheduled event.

Weeks later, a district attorney alleged that Gokal “stole the vial” and disregarded county protocols. A criminal court judge dismissed the case for lack of probable cause.

Apparently we go from thanking our doctor heroes to demanding their mug shot.

So how does this THIEF past the time while fighting this injustice?  He’s volunteering at a nonprofit health clinic for the uninsured. The audacity.