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INDIANAPOLIS–Murder charges have been filed against Raymond Ronald Lee Childs, III. He’s the teenager accused of killing six people, including his father and stepmother, and a pregnant mother and her unborn child, Sunday, Jan. 24.

No death penalty

Childs was arrested Monday. But Marion County Prosecutor Ryan Mears declined to release his name or photo, saying he was underage. Childs said at Thursday’s news conference that because Childs is 17, he must be charged in adult court. But, because he is still not an adult, they cannot seek the death penalty.

But, Childs could get life without parole if he’s convicted.

LISTEN: The Thursday press update from Prosecutor Ryan Mears

The baby was due in a week. You think about the fact that that family was preparing for the birth of a child. That was probably going to be the best day in Ms. Hawkins’ life,” said Mears. He said the death of the unborn child is one of the aggravating factors that could put Childs away for life.

Kira Hawkins was in a relationship with a member of the Childs family, and the baby was theirs.

The charges and a new addition

The charges against Childs include six counts of murder, attempted murder and carrying a handgun without a license. One of the six counts of murder includes the murder of the unborn child, said Mears.

“That sixth count…is actually a new addition to the Indiana code, the Indiana statute which now says if a person loses an unborn child in the commission of a crime then you can move forward with a murder charge.”

The motive

While many of the details about a motive are still unclear, Mears said the shooting was the end of an argument between father and son.

“Certainly there was an allegation about staying out too late was what started the initial argument and where it went from there is something we’re still trying to piece together,” said Mears.

He said after Childs shot and killed everyone inside the home, he turned the gun on a brother who was trying to get away.

From the probable cause affidavit

PHOTO: Marion Co. Prosecutor’s Office

The surviving victim

“That surviving victim was able to see and hear what was going on inside the residence. He heard the gunshots. He was able to flee that residence. As he was fleeing the residence, he too sustained multiple gunshots,” said Mears.

A probable cause affidavit provided by the Marion County Prosecutor’s Office stated that after Elijah Childs was shot, the father, Raymond Child’s, Jr., yelled to his son, “I’m sorry, Raymond. I love you!” The brother, before running from the house, begged Childs not to shoot him, even offering him $40.

Police got some of the information that led them to Childs from his brother.

Mears said he’s hopeful that person will make a full recovery.

Police found a 9 mm pistol that they believe was used in the shooting, inside the house. When they arrested Childs, they say he had another gun on him, a Draco semi automatic pistol, which they also believe was used in the crime.

A draco semi-automatic pistol

PHOTO: Marion County Prosecutor’s office

Because of his age, Mears said police are limited in how they can talk to Childs, and Mears declined to say whether Childs had confessed to the murders.

A jury trial has been scheduled for April 26.

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