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What was once a “joke” on the Hammer and Nigel Show has become a reality in Beijing thanks to the miracle of modern medicine: Rectal Coronavirus Tests.

Thank goodness because nasal swabs, while incredibly accurate, were SO uncomfortable. In fact, we suspect it’s one of the reasons that so many people are reluctant to get tested.

And medical professional or not, do you really want some stranger jamming around in your nasal cavity? Dropping your pants at Walmart and letting the pharmacist take a Q-tip to your rectum sounds much more relaxing.

“Invasive!” you say? No more invasive than your typical encounter with a TSA agent.

For now, however, you’ll have to travel to Beijing to get your complimentary rectal probe.

H&N Pro-Tip: Book your appointment and make your arrangements soon. Available times for those highly-coveted anal swab sessions are bound to go quickly.

And while getting probed, why not listen to today’s edition of the Hammer and Nigel Show – a quality program that’s best enjoyed without pants!