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What a year it’s been and it’s not over yet!  What we did learn living through a pandemic, is that there are still things and people to be thankful for in 2020.  So I asked YOU…”What are you grateful for this year?”  You were actually the star of the WIBC Thanksgiving Special, “Finding Gratitude in 2020“.   Thank you to everyone that responded.  In order of how you appeared in the special…Thank you JULIA PORTER, PAUL ADAMS, LES PATTERSON, STEPHAN SANDERS, KELSEY BURTON, BILL STANCZYKIEWICZ, BO RAILEY, SANDY MASSENGALE BOGUE, MATT MILLER, RAY JONES, SUZANNE KEITHLY, INDIA OWENS, AMY PAUSZEK, ROB JOHANSEN, TIWANDA JACKMAN and GOVERNOR ERIC HOLCOMB. 

We appreciate each of you for sharing what you’re grateful for in 2020.