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INDIANAPOLIS — Lawyers representing Dreasjon Reed’s family say they’re disappointed but not surprised by the grand jury’s decision to not press criminal charges against the officer who shot and killed Reed in May.

On Tuesday, Special Prosecutor Rosemary Khoury announced the grand jury’s decision saying it came back with a “no bill,” decision, meaning there was insufficient evidence to charge Indy Metro Police Officer Dejoure Mercer.

Attorney Fatima Johnson, representing Reed’s family said in this state and every other state just one eyewitnesses testimony can convict a murderer, and she said in this case there were at least ten most of which testified.

“Dreasjon was tased, he fell, he was shot while still shaking on the ground,” said Johnson. “He did not shoot back.”

On Tuesday, state police showed video evidence to reporters that included stills and a slowed-down version of Reed’s Facebook live video. They were able to capture audio of the shooting and Mercer’s call for, “Police action shooting!”

State police investigator Jeff Herron also said that when you slow the video down you can see a drawing motion from Reed, and there are stills that police say show a gun in Reed’s waistband.

Attorney Johnson and Attorney Swaray Conteh disagreed and said if you look at the evidence it is clear the Reed did not shoot at Officer Mercer at all.

“We have looked at the evidence and we’re surprised that they even had the audacity to present that evidence to the public,” said Conteh. “That evidence actually supports the proposition that Officer Mercer should’ve been indicted.”

Now, Johnson said they’re ready to move to the next step.

“We are prepared to move forward with the civil portion of this case because Dejoure Mercer must be held accountable for the life he took,” said Johnson. “The city must answer for their role in hiring people like him.