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STATEWIDE — It’s almost deer hunting season in Indiana.

With deer firearms season opening on Saturday, the Indiana DNR Division of Fish and Wildlife has a few reminders for hunters:

  • Purchase your license in advance.
  • Know the regulations.
  • Prepare your equipment.
  • Remember to CheckIN your harvest.
  • Safely field dress your deer.
    • Field dress and cool deer carcasses as soon as possible.
    • Wear disposable gloves, use clean cutting equipment, and minimize contact with the deer’s brain or spinal tissues.
    • Once finished, disinfect and clean all equipment and wash hands.
  • Confirm with your processor.
    • Some Indiana deer processors may have adjusted their hours, may not be taking full carcasses, or may not be taking deer at all.
  • Have deer tested for Chronic Wasting Disease.

Visit the Indiana DNR website for more information about deer hunting and hunting season.