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ORLANDO, Fla. — Protesting the shooting of Jacob Blake in Wisconsin, the Milwaukee Bucks refused to take the court for their NBA Playoff game Wednesday night. That led to all three games scheduled to be postponed, and a meeting between players and the league to discuss the future of the postseason.

The protest was led by Bucks player George Hill, an Indianapolis native who played at IUPUI and was with the Indiana Pacers from 2011-2016.

“When we take the court and represent Milwaukee and Wisconsin, we are expected to play at a high level, give maximum effort and hold each other accountable,” Hill said as he read a statement outside the locker room. “We are demanding the same from lawmakers and law enforcement.”

Hill has been very vocal about police brutality, even before the NBA restarted its season in the “Orlando Bubble.” At one point this summer, he said he wasn’t sure if he even wanted to play.

“It is imperative that the Wisconsin state legislature reconvenes after months of inaction, and take up meaningful measures to address issues police accountability, brutality, and criminal injustice reform.”

The protest movement by the NBA led to some Major League Baseball players and teams doing the same thing Wednesday night, including the Milwaukee Brewers postponing their game against the Cincinnati Reds.