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Seven year old George Hauser from Westfield, never goes anywhere without “Pete”, a stuffed dog that has been in George’s life since he was a baby.  I’m not a parent, but I do remember as a child, that strong bond between human and stuffing.

You probably know this story…Child takes favorite stuffed animal wherever he/she goes. Child loses favorite stuffed animal somewhere along the way.  Frantic search.  Sometimes you find it, sometimes you don’t.  Having that conversation with your child that their stuffed friend is gone.  Maybe found a girlfriend…maybe gone to stuffed animal heaven.

JENNY HAUSER, George’s mom joined me on the First Day, to tell us about what makes this “LOST & FOUND” story a little different.

Basically, “Pete” was left behind in a Walmart in Lafayette Indiana.  Once realized by the Hauser family that “Pete” was gone, a frantic call was made to the story.  Walmart Associates took the time to check their surveillance video to see what happened.  That’s where they tracked the journey of “Lucky Pete”.  Bad News?  He was in the Walmart trash.   Good News?  Walmart called the Tippecanoe County Sheriff’s Office.  They

picked up the dumpster. Dumped the contents and sifted through the trash until “Pete” was found.!  HOORAY WALMART!  HOORAY SHERIFF’S DEPT.!

The Hauser’s needed a little good news.  George’s dad Doug, who taught at Lafayette Tecumseh Jr. HS is fighting kidney disease and needs a transplant.  He had to retire early so it’s been tough.   If you’re interested in learning more about being a living kidney donor for DOUG HAUSER, please call 1-800-382-4602 or visit  #donatetodoug