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Portland protestors mocked and taunted police officers Monday night amid more than 70 days of near-continuous riots in the city.

In videos shared on social media, Black Lives Matter activist and hate crime survivor Demetria Hester is seen yelling at troopers with a bullhorn, telling them their wives are cheating on them and “your family is ashamed.”

Hester, 46, was later arrested on suspicion of disorderly conduct and interfering with a police officer; however, Portland’s newly-elected district attorney Mike Schmidt said Tuesday that under a new policy, his office will not prosecute people who have been arrested since late May on non-violent misdemeanor charges during protests.

After her release, Hester vowed at a news conference that she would keep protesting.

“I was born and bred to do this. This is a dream come true,” Hester said to a screaming crowd. “This is a revolution and we’re getting reparations. We’re taking it to D.C., baby!”

WIBC host Tony Katz:

“This, of course, is [the activists’] attempt at psychological warfare. Right? Because the officers are just there to protect. So what you’re seeing are these groups attempting to provoke police so they can capture it on video. That’s ANTIFA. That’s this movement that we’re all supposed to be behind.

I’m behind people. I’m behind the free exercise of their rights. I’m sure as bloody hell not behind this, and I don’t care what anybody thinks of me on that subject.”

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