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MARION, Ind.–Indiana Wesleyan University (IWU) is offering a new online training program that helps train people for “specific in-demand careers.”

It’s called the “UpSkill Forward” program. IWU National and Global Chancellor Matt Lucas tells Inside Indiana Business it is valuable because not everyone needs a degree, but everyone needs an education.

“Sometimes, an entire degree is overwhelming,” said Lucas. “So we kind of built a program that’s stackable that gives you what you need in time so you can get the job and then if you decide to come back for further education because that’s helpful for you, you can do that.”

Lucas says IWU has also partnered with businesses to put them in touch with prospective employees.

“We developed some certificates for specific programs: aerospace, automotive, manufacturing, and logistics. It’s completely online and completely self-paced. At the end of going through the course work, you take a nationally-certified test that gives you a certificate that recognizes the completion. These certificates are created with the best-in-class experts around the country,” says Lucas.

The UpSkill Forward program will cost $50.

“What we love about this the most is that besides the price being $50, is that we’re actually recognizing up to six college credits. We’re about to launch two new associate degrees. One is in manufacturing and the other is in logistics, so these courses would actually fit into those programs. You’re getting a $1,700 value for $50,” says Lucas.

You can learn more about the program here.